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"Performance is the key to understanding Ronley Teper. A multidisciplinary artist who's bounced around the Toronto scene since the early oughts, live performance, often improvised, is the tie that binds her many phases and iterations."

"Her hilarious lyrics are paired with theatrical vocal delivery, ranging from her high, squeaky, little-girl voice to a low, throaty growl. It's territory not commonly explored by female singers"

Live In Limbo VIDEO PREMIERE : "Timing" by Ronley Teper and The Lipliners


“The Game” is about the BS the patriarchy puts all of us through.

Ronley Teper & The Lipliners wrote the track two years ago but it’s

seeing the light of day for the first time on their upcoming EP as the

title track (slated for release on Feb. 23rd).  With the themes of the

song and video being laser-focused on the power imbalance of the

entertainment industry – it’s an absolute slam in the face of those

that force people to play “the game.”

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Canadian Beats  Interview – Ronley Teper & The Lipliners


FYI News "Provocative Toronto songstress Ronley Teper releases her

fifth independent album, The Game"

"Rockin Ronley with Luxuriant Lipliners"

She Does The City  "15 Minutes With Ronley Teper"

"In der Beschreibung vom Waggon, wo das spätere Konzert stattfand,

wurde von einer tollen, impulsiven Frontfrau geschrieben, die „etwas

ausgeflippt“ ist…. Das konnte ich mir dann leider in meinen

Aufschrieben erst halb durchlesen, während die Sendung schon lief.

Manchmal ist zwischen den ganzen Pressejobs nicht genügend Zeit, um sich angemessen intensiv mit der jeweiligen Thematik zu beschäftigen.

Auf der anderen Seite wird man dadurch auch immer wieder interessant


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Radio interview and live performance

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An interview with Ronley Teper on Surrealism and Collaboration.

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Three Astonishing Videos By Ronley Teper & Davide Di Saro.

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The One and Ronley.  Canadian Indie-singer/songwriter Ronley Teper has a unique sound that defies comparison with anyone, just saying she's got some freaky stuff happening melodically and sings like a wild thing, doesn't really prepare you for what you are about to hear".

Kathryn Nikolaychuk, Calgary Herald's Swerve Magazine

Prism Prize Names Top 20 Canadian Music Videos of the year 2017.

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New Video Released by Ronley Teper.

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In collaboration with prolific director and mixed media animator, Davide Di Saro​​, Ronley Teper releases her latest video “Lucky and Finnegan” exclusively on The Big Takeover.

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Ronley is a superfreak...I really like her music and her overall vibe."

Jaymz Bee - Jazz FM

The first of three in a video trilogy, the pure concept for “Faith” is simply awesome!

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Goldmine Sacks - Week In Pop

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Ronley Teper and the Lipliners

"Pointy Pedals (Rose)" (video)

Exclusive Premiere.

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It's hard to listen to “Faith” without feeling some very mixed emotions, for better or worse, which signifies a work of outstanding artistry.

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Something to watch.

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Very few artists have the artistic fortitude displayed by Ronley. In fact, dare I say, no one rivals her style as it is all her own. A visionary with stories to tell and the ability to leave your jaw agape."

Derek Downham (producer, mulit-instrumentalist)


This track from Ronley Teper's Lipliners is just one huge ascending cavalcade of sound.

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Episode Twenty - Ronley Teper.

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Another incredible Ronley Teper Video.

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“The Lipliners is not so much a static entity, but an ever-morphing wagon wheel of musicians and artists that revolves around Ronley Teper."

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"Endearingly hypnotic"

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Interview: Ronley Teper

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And the Juno for best alternate universe goes to....Ronley Teper. Brilliant. Fantastic"

Bob Wiseman (producer, composer, musician)

"a lovely song"

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"A magical fairy princess vocal that innocently winds its way into the subconscious"

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PREMIERE: Ronley Teper's Lipliners debut the first in a trilogy of animated dreamscapes"

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An Almost Childlike fascination for experimentation"

Steve Baylin, Ottawa Citizen

"Watching Ronley Teper is a reminder that life is an exercise in improvisation."

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"If Joanna Newsom gave birth to Tom Waits' illegitimate daughter and then refused to breastfeed her, the girl might grow up sounding a lot like Toronto's Ronley Teper."

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"The Stitching of Teper's Ronster. An  Adventure into Ronley Teper's Laboratory of FARTS (FUSED ARTS)"

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